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Filming Services
Oneline India provides camera crews for location and studio filming, at extremely competitive rates. Our award-winning crews are available for commercial, corporate and television work, throughout India and abroad.
T V Ads
Among so many advertising methods, TV ads are considered to be the king of the ads or the most powerful tool. It has got the most reachability considering the number of viewers and acceptability. If you aim at a wide audience to show your product or service, we are here to show them properly using suitable video, stills, voiceover, computer graphic and some time with a meaningful silence.
Theatre Adds
If you need launching an advertisement in a special environment and to reach a special segment it is better to show it in a theatre. Generally, the viewers in a theatre are of high income group ready to spend money. And also they are high educated people building opinions and leaders Theatre Ads are comparatively less expensive and we offer a less expense without compromising the quality.
Promotional Videos
They are video or short films advertises or promotes somethings, some product, some event, some beingnees, appearance, moods etc; Sales videos, marketing videos , product videos, web videos, interior videos etc.. are promotional videos.
Sales Videos
It is a promotional video oriented on sales. It is meant for potential customers, clients, sales staff training, B2B and B2C marketing, online customers etc. Sales is the last end of the marketing process where something is given receiving money. The specialties, uniqueness, easiness, profitability, durability, suitability etc.. are directly picturised in our sales videos which may reach even cold prospects.
Marketing Videos
Marketing is the some total of all the concept, philosophy and activities of constitution to sell their product or services to satisfy the prospects and finally the ‘customer’. We highlight the value of the product and the value of the customer sometimes. We meaningfully make marketing videos for all types of institutions and products. Product uniqueness, services offered, value of product and the special offerings will be clearly picturised there in.
We make product videos that clearly explains and demonstrates the features and benefits of the product or service. We not only focus on the features of the product but visually exhibit the functioning and importance of the product in clients life. Also we tell the advantage of the product comparing to the nearest competor.
We help you in the making of videos specially suitable for websites. Among the several existing formats we advice you for AVCHD, FLV, and MP4. Oneline India provides online hosting services including You Tube, Vimeo, Twitch and Youku.
We make narrative videos of Apartments, Hotels, Villas, offices etc.. to show their facilities, engineering expertise, new colour combinations, new economic materials, new technologies, expenses analyses and total beauty. Interior videos are highly useful in B2B & B 2 C marketing. These videos can easily be marketed though Watsap and You Tube.
Documentaries & Docu fictions
If you want to picture or documents some aspect of reality for instruction, education, maintaining historical records etc., Oneline India do the work without compromising its truth, sprit and mood. We make it as it is or it would be. Those who are satisfied with a little flavour of fiction in the story telling, we make docufiction also.
Corporate Videos
If you want to tell the value, Philosophy, Ethics, Legacy, Product Range and asset of your corporate or film to feel positive and respect; we shall tell the story emotionally. Surely we understand branding the company, punching logo and mixing the legacy with the philosophy ethics and reliability of the firm, are the ultimate goals of a corporate video.
Signature film
In a signature film the identity of the firm is unveiled. The uniqueness of the firm is important to the customers. The experts in our company thoroughly study your legacy and finds out the uniqueness you possess and it is picturised solemnly so as to reaches the prospects or clients.
The great history of an institution is backed by the history of a great man, who sometime ignored by the decedents. Oneline India pictures some person or something, setting theme, style and mood to say what it is or what it was. The ideology and philosophy of the person or the thing are important and we would like to portrait it doing justice to the reality.
Music Films
We undertake making Musical Films. This is as era of entertainment and music plays a very crucial role in entertaining people. Oneline India chooses a loving song, comfortable producer, reasonable budget, enthusiastic and talented musician and wonderful location for musical films. Very careful pre-production works including split budgeting helps as to fulfill the project a success.
Out door holding boards have great influence in the decision taking of consumers. The feel of the image displayed is acting as the most powerful decision making element. The light, composition, figure, colour, ambience and properties decide the feel. We make meaningful and story telling holdings at comparatively affordable prices.
Still Photography
A still photo can tell a story. Understanding this basic relevance of still photography, we make stills for your personal, business or corporate needs. Fashion photography wild life photography art natural photography are carefully imaged for you by our dedicated photographers.
360° Photography (Virtual Reality Photography)
To get a virtual reality image of your firms, shops, offices etc. 3600 photography is a reliable source. In V R photography overall view from a single point is possible and is very useful in assessing a space, product, interior feel, total ambience etc. It gives a complete scene of a single image view from a single point.
360° Videography
360° Videography, also known as Immersive videos is the videography capturing in every direction at the same time. We do 360° Videography satisfy the customers.

We work with established agencies, labels and
organizations, as well as young talents and startups.

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